Kyoto, Japan, 1901

Shin-bijutsukai: “The new monthly magazine of various designs by the famous artists of to-day”


Christ Before Pilate

Jacek Malczewski (Polish, 1854–1929)

Le Cabaret des Truands (“The Delinquents Cabaret”)

Paris, circa 1905

Destroyed in 1922 to make room for the ugly-ass Two Donkeys Theatre

Across the street from: l’Enfer Cabaret 


Józef Mehoffer (Polish, 1869 - 1946)


Arthur Heyggate Mackmurdo, floral designs for wallpaper or textile, 1880s. Drawings. England. Via Morris Gallery

Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, 1870 – 1956)

Stoclet Palace (Palais Stoclet), Brussels, 1905-1911

Designed in 1905, Stoclet Palace may be the first art deco building ever built. Hoffmann designed every room as a work of art, even asking Gustav Klimt to create custom masterpieces for the dining room. The house and grounds are frozen in time, in perfect original condition. Four elderly sisters own the palace, but they do not live there – and never allow visitors.


Hélène Smith (Catherine-Elise Müller), Martian Landscapes 1896

The medium Helene Smith (1861-1932) of Geneva, Switzerland was the subject of Dr.Theodore Fluornoy’s seminal book From India to Planet Mars. During the sessions with Flournoy, Helene spoke a Martian language and drew images of Martian life. André Breton and other Surrealists were impressed by her ability to “pour out messages from the depth of being” and cited her as an influence. More information here.

If anyone can share some other quality images of her drawings it would be much appreciated! They seem extremely hard to come by!


Drawing for the patent application for a mechanical “Creeping Baby Doll” by R. J. Clay, March 14 1871.

Hermann Obrist (Swiss, 1862-1927)

Whiplash Design, Pan magazine, 1895-96



Elk of Brotherly Love

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California